Schreiben vom Oberbürgermeister Marcus König

Zum Nationalfeiertag Montenegros am 13. Juli 2021 hat der Nürnberger Oberbürgermeister Marcus König ein Schreiben an seinen Amtskollegen in Bar, Dušan Raičević, geschickt. Beide Städte sind seit vielen Jahren freundschaftlich verbunden. Und es freut die FRAMOG sehr, dass der Austausch der Bürgermeister dieser beiden Freundschaftsstädte so intensiv und herzlich ist. 

Honourable Mayor Raicevic,

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to you on the national holiday of Montenegro. This important day commemorates both the declaration of independence of your country and the rebellion against the Nazi occupiers.

I am glad to introduce myself to you as new Lord Mayor of Nuremberg. I took office last year and have served as a member of the Nuremberg City Council since 2008 and as Head of the CSU City Council Parliamentary Group since 2017. It is an honour for me to be the highest representative of the City of Nuremberg and the Head of the Nuremberg administration and I look forward to carrying out this role for the next five years. I am also a member of „FRAMOG“, the Franconian Montenegrin Association. The cooperation between Nuremberg’s Department for International Relations and the new chairwoman of FRAMOG, Lola Mugosa, is very constructive and I hope that we can work together even more closely in the years to

I hope Bar and the whole country will recover from the effects of the
Covidi9-Pandemic and that there will be an opportunity to get to know each other personally in the near future.

Yours sincerely


Marcus König

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